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Here I share artworks that I create in the studio and in my travels around the world.

I am happy to share the continuous inspiration I receive in my creative life.

Art is my life path.

In my youth, while I was planning a round-the-world trip, my younger brother, Avi (Avraham Raphael), fell ill with leukemia.

On his deathbed, he suggested – requested: “You are so creative, do something with it!” And indeed I turned to art studies.

I returned to the dream of traveling the world three decades later, and I still travel and stay in artist residencies around the world.

Avi’s death, from the moment I held his arm in my hand and felt the life force leaving his young body, has instilled in me the need to reconnect with life.

The choice for art has inspired me to connect deeply to my life.

Or as I wrote in one of my poems, with the help of art I find “where to lead the longing, and what to do with the pain.”

From the moment art was born in my life out of longing and pain, it never ceases to surprise me with its power to show me the way, and with its power to heal.

The act of art is for me a journey of coping, excitement, presence, and being. It is accompanied by a view of death as a part of life. The observation of natural phenomena inspires me, the memories inspire a desire and a need to find the connections between form and content, between imagination and reality. This is how the small sculptural objects are created which are a continuation of the landmarks from the past in nature, such as fossils in the desert or pieces of fallen fruit from a tree. That which marks what once was is a small death along the roadside. But it is also a sign of the life that was. And in these signs, there is so much beauty, subtlety, and sometimes perfection.

By observing, recording, reproducing, or “inventing” forms, giving a name, or revealing an idea I experience the movement on the line between life and death. At times it seems to me that here I am bringing back to life what is dead and will not return, as in the O+ drawings in which I drew with my own blood the dried-up bodies of dead insects from the desert.

In the Mimesis series, I trace the shape of a life landscape, emphasising and actualising the beauty of the part from the whole.

In my moments of artistic creation, I experience the possibility of taking part in the visible, choosing and creating from it beauty and grace.

When a work of art comes through my hands big or small I am grateful for this privilege to be present in the world, and welcome the opportunity to experience its beauty and accept its entirety.